Andrea Ressi

Andrea Ressi

Andrea Ressi is a visual artist born in Graz and living in Vienna. She studied Architecture and Fine Arts at TU Graz, KASKA Antwerp, the University of East London and the University for Applied Arts Vienna.

Her main field of interest are today’s transitory spaces. She works on projects adressing urban geographies and city cartographies and focuses on questions of transformation and production of space through processes of globalization. She therefore looks into the imagery of public and media space with all their signs, symbols and shifts of meaning generated by them. She works in various media such as painting, installations and projects in public space.

Solo and group shows at ACF London; ACF Warsaw; ACF Zagreb; freiraum Q21 MQ Vienna; Steirischer Herbst, Graz; Open Space, Vienna; <rotor>, Graz; Goethe Institute Thessaloniki; and others.
She worked on art projects in India, Russia and Uzbekistan, she was granted residencies in Paris and Česky Krumlov and she recently received the State Grant for Visual Art.

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I am highly interested in Trieste and its harbor seen as – historical, current and future – link across the sea and an impulse for globalization.
During my stay in Trieste, I therefore plan to focus on the question of how the sea and its links to a global world have been inscribed into Trieste’s cityscape, and which impulses for society, architecture, city, flora, fauna etc. can be found in such linkings.
While in Trieste I plan to analyse the sea’s role in in the city as a connecting element between humans, things and marine life. I will research on the interdependence of the sea and globalization and how it can be described: the idea of the ocean as an “extra-state space beyond the territory of states” (Philip E. Steinberg), the spreading of capitalistic ideas on the one hand and also, on the other hand, egalitarian and rebellious ideas and views through ships and harbors.