Marco Antelmi

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Marco Antelmi (Bari, 1993)

lives and works in Milan

Teorie di topi

video, color, sound, 18’05”

Loosely inspired by the novel Dissipatio H.G. by Guido Morselli, the short film Teorie di Topi by Marco Antelmi blends the documentary and science fiction genres. The fragmentary and oneiric narration is structured around the obsessions and the everyday life of the protagonist, who appears to be the only human survived in a world populated only by mice. The film follows the protagonist as he recovers memories of his past interviews to an application designer, to an IT engineer and to a criminal lawyer expert in migrant rights. The work raises questions about the political, economic and social effects of the cloud services and of the data centres, and seeks to investigate the causes that drove humanity to extinction.



photos by Studio Macovaz