Leonardo Bentini

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Leonardo Bentini (Rome, 1994)

lives and works in Milan

Intangible community

Interactive installation: web page, print on self-adhesive PVC

Leonardo Bentini has focused his work on the world of the gig economy and in particular on Ama-zon Mechanical Turk, the crowdsourcing service that coordinates the demand and supply of tasks that computers are not currently able to perform properly and for which, therefore, human intelli-gence is required or preferable. The workers of this sector are automated, temporary, underpaid, without any social security and any representative voice. With Intangible community, the artist uses the platform to involve the workers in the writing of a series of collective tales that, collected on a web page and featuring illustrations by the artist, prompt reflection on the identity and the future of the community.

The serie of coral narration born through this project is avaible on its website: The Intangible Community.


photos by Studio Macovaz