Christoph Szalay

Christoph Szalay

Christoph SzalayChristoph Szalay born 1987 in Graz (AUT). studied German (Language & Literature) at the Karl-Franzens University Graz and Art in Context (postdraduate masters degree) at the University of Arts Berlin. various publications in literary magazines (e.g.: Lichtungen, Podium, ostragehege, der Poet, perspektive, STILL-Magazin) as well as in anthologies (e.g.: Lyrik von Jetzt 3, Wallstein Verlag 2015) and on the radio. since 2013 part of the TextPerformance Duo AND THEN WE RAN INTO THE OCEAN (You love me more than I love You etc. 2013; Lands End 2014; Blue is a Beautiful Colour 2016/2017). Interdisciplinary Projects (e.g.: I AM JUST GOING OUTSIDE AND MAY BE SOME TIME. premiered at hoergeREDE @ Elevate Festival, Graz 2014 as well as at the Vorspiel Transmediale Berlin 2015; Flash Forward – Photographic Laboratory for Future Events. as part of the Performance Collectice F O U R D U M M I E S. premiered at Steirischer Herbst 2015; SPACE=WOW (BUT I STILL MISS YOU, EARTH) an interdisciplinary piece for a voice, a composer, a conductor and six musicians. Premiere 2016).
grants/literary prices (a.o.): literary promotion price of the city of Graz 2009, finalist of the poetry price Meran 2014, scholarship of the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria 2014/2015, prize winner at the poetry price Feldkirch 2015, poetry priece of the Wiener Werkstatt 2015.
Publications: stadt/land/fluss. poems. Leykam 2009. flimmern. poems. Leykam 2012. Asbury Park. NJ. Luftschacht 2013. Alex&der Mond. Children’s book. with drawings by Lisa-Maria Wagner, Luftschacht 2016.


If I can’t find you here, I am gonna find you somewhere else
By Christoph Szalay


there are no accidents
everything comes full circle

no explanation I offer will satisfy you
you seek resolutions
(because you’re young)
but you will understand this
one day

everything comes full circle
and when it happens
I want you
to imagine me there
to greet you

I wanted
I will not deny it

Would you?

Cate Blanchett (in Carol. directed by Todd Haynes, 2015)

Johann Joachim Winckelmann died in Trieste on 8th June 1768.
his murderer, Francesco Arcangeli, was found guilty and executed
by Breaking on the Wheel a month after. he thought of Winckelmann
as an un uomo di poco conto, a man of little account. whether it was
greed that led Arcangeli to kill Winckelmann or love in one of its most
extreme variation is still unclear. Winckelmann’s story is not only
an unsolved crime story but also one of representation and politics,
of the authority over the use of a narration.

If I can’t find you here, I am gonna find you somewhere else
is the idea of re-narrating the story, of putting it on display



Period: April – May 2016

Tutor: Giulio Polita

Interlocutors: Giuliana Carbi (Studio Tommaseo-Trieste Contemporanea); Stefano Graziani; Massimo Premuda (DoubleRoom)

English traductions: Paola Corazza

German traductions: Anna Paola Farinacci

Supported by:
das land steiermark


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And here to you, Cristoph Szalay | MLZ Art Dep, Trieste
Mounth dd 2016

Welcome party (with Cecilia Donnaggio) | DoubleRoom, Trieste
April 21st 2016


Christoph Szalay Re-Considering Trieste