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Camilla Alberti (Milan,1994)

lives and works in Milan

Worlding Wild Web

series of 4 embroideries – machine embroidery on fabric, wooden frame with zeroglass

sculpture – wood, steel, plexiglass, bamboo, black marble, soy wax, coffee, plants

The installation by Camilla Alberti, featuring 4 embroideries and an organic sculpture, draws a par-allel between the WWW – World Wide Web and the Wood Wide Web, a vegetal network that con-nects species thanks to the mycorrhizae – the symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus with the roots of a seed plant. In the Sixties, the advent of the Internet brought about a utopia: that of a connected, anti-hierarchical, balanced and stable world, where human beings would have no longer held a dominant position in their coexistence with the animal, vegetal species and with the machines. The power relations of capitalism have suffocated that utopia, thus reestablishing anthropocentrism and transforming the internet into a control tool. The artist’s work is thus inspired by a precise ques-tion: can the vegetal paradigm offer an alternative model for reevaluating the emancipatory power of the Web?


foto: Studio Macovaz