Luca Marcelli

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Luca Marcelli (Cagliari, 1995)

lives and works in Milan

Le Voci

audio installation: speakers, microphone sticks, sound system, 11’ loop

The production of subjectivity is at the core of capitalism and, in the age of biohypermedia, technolo-gies play a key role in such production. The work by Luca Marcelli revolves around the psychologi-cal dynamics associated to the proliferation of info-stimuli and the resulting semiotic chaos. His sound installation creates and immersive space featuring four voices that belong to the same subject and yet are multiple, mostly in contradiction and in contrast with each other. By considering schizo-phrenia a model of relationship between the subject and the world, Le Voci reflects on the neuro-cognitive alterations that may occur when the mind is forced to interpret a far too complex system of information to draw a coherent meaning, and on the subsequent generative possibilities – in terms both of new meanings and of new ways of existence.


photos by Studio Macovaz