Orecchie d’Asino

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Orecchie d’Asino
[Ornella De Carlo (Bari, 1991) e Federica Porro (Como, 1994)]


partecipatory artwork, mixed media installation

In the age of Facebook, Tinder, Happn and Instagram, do we still know how to meet vis-à-vis? In oc-casion of the artist-in-residence, the collective Orecchie D’Asino conceived Quattrocchi, a participatory art project – or board game on the field – that revives the meaning of meeting and of building a network in offline mode and that, at the same time, challenges key concepts of the contemporary world such as consumption, exchange, trust, fragility, value. The outbreak of the Coronavirus, just when the project was moving into the first phase of involvement of and direct contact with people, has added further urgency to finding an answer to its central questions: how do relationships unfold in our society? What is their value? How do we imagine the relationships of the future?


photos by Studio Macovaz