Valerio Veneruso

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Valerio Veneruso (Naples, 1984)

living and working between Turin and the Web

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interactive installation: virtual Reality Headset, inlaid carpet, digital prints

Social media have increased the human instinct of voyeurism: an authorized voyeurism that, out of boredom, curiosity or obsession, encourages to peep into the lives of others just by the act of scroll-ing. For Neuro_Revolution, Valerio Veneruso has created an installation, based on a Virtual Reality experience that leverages such impulse. The experience starts with the image of a carpet – inlaid with the reinterpretation of the symbol that is generally used as a sensitive content warning on the web – along with two images of simulated landscapes. These elements, between the real and virtual worlds, introduce the user to the VR experience: by wearing a headset, the work prompts to reflect on the (im)possibility to access these contents, and on the ensuing frustration that such experiences often imply.


photos by Studio Macovaz